Software Engineer &
Linux System Administrator

Hello There! I'm a professional engineer and a member of the OIQ "Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec". Since graduating in 2008 I have been working on all sorts of software projects, and I also founded my own company in 2010 that provides web and software solutions. Also, in 2011 I became a certified Linux System Administrator from Red Hat.

Feel Free to check out my work or view my resume, and also please note that not all of my projects are online as they are private to either my employer or customers, but I describe a few of them here.

I would love to hear from you so don't hesitate to contact me!

You can reach me using any of the links below or call me at +1.514.690.0268

Below you will find some of my online projects. Please click here for a list of the rest of my work.
Syon Media

An amazing responsive website for a media production company showcasing all their work nicely along with their latest news.

Good Morning Blog

A responsive blog build using WordPress that is integrated with all the social networks and posts automatically to Facebook every new article created.


Corporate website for Kahnawake Economic Development Commission.  The site has multiple user levels and an admin section to manage all different sections.

Kateri Memorial Foundation

A foundation website to help raise awareness and money.  Any new content added will be automatically published to Facebook for maximum exposure

Foundation, WordPress, Kahnawake
09 neuro-lounge
Neuro Lounge

A private community for Neurosurgeons around the world to connect.  The website was built on top of BuddyPress!

08 lily of the mohawks
Kateri Tekakwitha

The official website for Kateri Tekakwitha, the first native saint ever. The site was made using WordPress!

Church, Kahnawake, WordPress
07 shop kahnawake
Shop Kahnawake

The website lists businesses and events related to the Kahnawake community.  Everything is managed through a custom admin section.

Kahnawake, Custom CMS, Bilingual
06 biosolutions
BioSolutions Canada

A business website for BioSolutions Canada using my own custom CMS where the client can easily change the content of the site.

Company, Custom CMS, Bilingual
05 shtrina

A classified ads / shopping website for Lebanon that I founded.  The site was my first project using WordPress!

Classified, Founded, WordPress
04 ac
Abou Chaaya

A business website for  a  company based in Lebanon. The site was developed using Drupal along with some special customization.

Buiding, Construciton, Drupal
03 bandvan
Band Van

A site for a company that helps local bands tour and setup shows. A custom admin section was developed to control the content.

Music, Bilingual, Custom CMS
02 ks
KS Energies

A Promotional website in english and french to build a wind farm. A custom admin section was built to control the content.

Kahnawake, Bilingual, Custom CMS
01 auto raphaelle
Auto Raphaelle

Website and admin section for a car dealership both in French and English.

Bilingual, Car Dealership
00 onokowa
Onokowa Technologies

Website for the company that I founded.  The site has some flash and was developed using Drupal!


Below you will find a list of projects that I have worked on that I can’t publicly display on the website :

  • Designed, Programmed, Documented, and Tested the following
    • Projects at AT&T :
      • Data Sync between 2 products
        • This provides live syncing of data between 2 products to facilitate switching from one to the other
        • The sync is done in real time and the code is all written in perl
        • The code is highly optimized for performance as the data should be synced instantaneously
      • ACL Manager
        • Create multiple firewall rules to push out to properties
        • The design is granular enough to create global rules, rules for all properties of one company, or specific rules for one property
      • Connection pages for different hotel brands
        • Integration with different PMS Systems to send charges to a hotel room
        • Integration with different Credit Card gateways for multiple payment options
        • Gives the guest the ability to pick internet speed and amount of days for the internet connection
        • Different prices according to connection criteria
      • Custom Reporting and Alerting
        • Each hotel brand has its own criteria for reporting and alerting
        • The system is setup to be flexible enough to support all sorts of requests
        • Reports and graphs can be seen in the web interface and emailed at the same time


    • Projects at Continent 8 Technologies :

      • Custom Made Data Center CMS
        • Acts as the main framework for the company
        • Built in security showing the users the sections that they are allowed to read/edit and permissions are set accordingly
        • Username and passwords are based on Windows Active Directory
        • Keep track of server rooms, racks, equipments, clients, IPs, etc
        • Logs every action that is done
        • Provides consistency checks and reporting
        • Built in bug tracker
        • Tool to inventory equipment in the company’s various data centers
      • Custom Made Internet Monitor
        • The system has different agents around the world and pings several targets using the fping program and stores all relevant information in a local database
        • Built Master-Slave Architecture for the MySQL databases
        • Used InnoDB Tables in order to do transactions
        • Agent and master databases are always in sync for redundancy
        • Agent scripts spawns children processes to optimize performance
        • Scripts run every minute and have to fetch data, process it and store it in less than a minute
        • Database tables have over 500 million rows and they are optimized for ultimate performance
      • Power Management Tool
        • Stores and keeps track of power usage for all the racks
        • Measures and manages rack electricity remotely
        • Interface to link power panels with racks
      • Billing Center
        • System used by the billing and finance departments to keep track of all services sold to customers
        • Export data to QuickBooks in order to bill clients
        • System is linked with CMS to ensure consistency of data
        • All transactions are logged
      • SMS Paging System & On Call Scheduling
        • Create contacts and groups for on call scheduling
        • Setting up scheduling
        • If a problem occurs the group/person on call will be the only one getting paged
        • Person on call needs to confirm by replying to SMS
        • Automatic escalation if no one responded to the initial page
        • System uses 2 paging gateways ensuring the SMS is always sent
      • Online Customer Portal
        • Built using LAMP Technologies
        • Designed Front End and Back End using a Three Tier Architecture
        • Communications between Front End and Back End is done using XML
        • Provided an API for some customers to integrate some data within their own systems
      • Geographical Dashboard
        • Set up system that monitors traffic from our servers around the world and figures out the geographical information of where our data is being sent and received from
        • Script is optimized to run fast and stores data in a master database for further manipulation
        • Script is done entirely using perl and uses the GeoIP Package
        • Interface to show data in graphs, reports and other formats
      • Arbor DDoS Protection API and Proxy
        • Get information from the system to display it in our customer portal
        • Integrate it within our systems to update its information instantly.
        • Created a proxy for the system with single sign on capabilities by customizing Glype for the company’s needs and integrating with the customer portal.
2014 - Present
Application Performance Engineer
Morgan Stanley

I am specializing in Application Performance Management (APM), specifically Synthetic Monitoring.

The tools I own and I am responsible for are : Compuware APM (Gomez) and HPBSM.

My responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Management of the performance tools
  • Scripting and interfacing with APIs. Languages used are Python and Perl
  • Level 4 support of performance issues for all Morgan Stanley Applications whether they are internal or external websites.
  • Train other employees to use the tools and understand web performance metrics.
  • Integrate data into Splunk and create custom dashboards
  • Interface between internal customers and vendors

2013 - 2014
Senior Software Engineer

Specializing in products to give “High Speed Internet Access (HSIA)” for the Hospitality Industry

  • Products are : MAMA, SIMS, and One Box
  • Designing, developing, documenting, and testing new features and functionality
  • Skills used are mainly PHP, Perl, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, XML
  • Leading a team of developers across multiple time zones
  • Working with other teams to meet deadlines and requirements
  • I play a key role in developing new products and combining existing ones.
  • Please refer here for a list of projects
Deal directly with clients
  • In charge of the biggest accounts which include: Marriott, Wyndham, and Four Seasons
  • Handling new client enquiries and acting as the face of the business

2010 - Present
Onokowa Technologies

Provide web and software solutions.
Portfolio and more info can be found at

2008 - 2013
Software Engineer & Linux Administrator
Continent 8 Technologies

In charge of all the software development, including Designing, Programming, Documenting, and Testing.

  • Skills used are mainly PHP, Perl, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, XML
  • Front and back end development
  • Cross Browser Functionality
  • Please refer here for a list of projects

Manage all MySQL databases in the company.
  • Optimized MySQL to handle tables with over millions of rows
  • Designed Master-Slave MySQL architecture on servers all around the world

Administrator of over 30 Linux Servers around the world.
  • Created customized linux services
  • Systems include : CDN, Apache, Nagios, Cacti, NFS
  • Virtualized Servers and moved them into the cloud

Salesforce Administrator, cPanel and WHM Administrator

The company has expanded a lot since 2008 in opening many data centers worldwide. As such, I designed and developed systems scalable and flexible enough to support the growth of the company and adapt existing systems.

2006 -2008
POS Technical Support Specialist – Level 1
Aldo Group Head Office

Provided technical support to over 900 stores worldwide.

Troubleshooting POS hardware and software problems via the phone or by connecting remotely to the systems.

2004 - 2007
Clerk Manager
Jean Coutu Pharmacy

Responsible for the store and all the employees for the 16h-24h shift.

Managed and trained a team of more than 10 employees.

Got promoted to manager after only a year of working as a regular clerk.

JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery
Application Performance
Drupal, Joomla
Red Hat, CentOS
Nagios, NConf, Cacti, MRTG
cPanel, Glype, ZoneMinder
APIs : Facebook, Twitter
APIs : Google Maps
C, C++, Java, J2ME
Mirosoft Office
English, French, Arabic
Red Hat Certified System Administrator

2003 - 2008
Bachelor of Computer Engineering; Software Option.
Concordia University, Montreal Quebec

Professional Engineer in the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ)
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